Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Name

My name is Martha Kanemitsu-Parks.  I’ve always felt that the name Martha was so old-fashioned.  Remember George Washington, our first president?  His wife was named Martha!  Growing up in Hawaii, I did not know one other person named Martha in the 30 years that I lived there.  I was the only Martha in every school that I attended.  I was always a little embarrassed when introducing myself as Martha.  Sometimes after I introduced myself to someone, they would look at me and say “Martha? Who named you Martha?  I am a tall, Asian woman from Hawaii who certainly does not look like a Martha.  I guess having that name would make me unique in a sense.  But I would have preferred having another name.  If I could choose another name, I think I would choose Malia.  Malia is a name with Hawaiian origins and it means “calm and peaceful”.  I feel that the name Malia would represent me better than Martha because I am calm and peaceful.  I'll have to live vicariously through my daughter because her middle name is Malia.